Best Curling Iron for Short Hair Reviews – Top 5 Picks of 2017

Cute, short hairstyles are cool, smart, convenient and easy to maintain, and a few curls or waves can give them tons of personality. Fortunately, it’s quick and simple to add body and curl to shorter hair. A great curling iron or flat iron can make it even easier.

With so many different curling iron models on the market, knowing which one is best for your short hair can be difficult. While most curling irons are similar in appearance, some are better for short hair than others.

Top Rated Curling Irons for Short Hair in 2017: Quick Comparison

Product NameBarrel TemperatureBarrel MaterialRatingNumber of Reviews
Blue Top Unisex Wand440° FTourmaline Ceramic50+
Helen Of Troy 1503 Iron--1000+
BabyBliss PRO Nano Iron--100+
MHD Professional Iron350° FTourmaline Ceramic450+
Helen of Troy Mini Iron-Chrome Barrel90+
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What Type of Curling Iron Is Best for Short Hair?

Choosing the right curling iron or flat iron for short hair is easier when you know what features are most important.

1. Barrel Size

Standard barrel sizes range from two inches to three-eighths of an inch. Larger barrels are intended to produce body and waves in long hair. Anything smaller than an inch will create tighter curls and ringlets. The correct barrel size for short hair depends on what level of curl you wish to achieve. If your hair is very short, a large or medium barrel may be difficult to use, but you can still use a medium-to-small-size barrel to make waves and loose curls. Simply leave the hair in the iron for a shorter amount of time.

2. Width

If you plan to use a flat iron to produce waves or crimps, the width of the iron surface will determine how easily you can get the look you want. As with barrel size, smaller measurements mean smaller curls and waves.

3. Material

Tourmaline, ceramic and titanium heating surfaces offer the most even and consistent results, and they lower the risk of heat damage. Metal-plated tools may heat faster and cost less, but they can cause damage to delicate hair, especially if they’re used every day.

4. Temperature Control

Because a shorter length of hair is wrapped around the barrel of your curling iron, you probably don’t need the curling speed or extreme heat that appeals to those with long or thick hair. If your short hair is delicate, color-treated or dry, look for styling tools that offer multiple heat settings. Using the lowest heat setting possible can help you protect your hair while still getting great results.

The Best Way to Curl Short Hair

  • A curling iron or flat iron is the fastest and easiest way to curl short hair.
  • For the best results, always be sure that your hair is clean, completely dry and in its natural state. Never attempt to use a curling iron on damp hair.
  • To prevent heat damage, apply a protective spray designed for use with heat-styling tools.
  • If your hair is thick or has multiple layers, separate it into sections using clips before you curl.

How to Curl Short Hair With a Curling Iron?

  1. Preheat your curling iron to the lowest effective heat setting.
  2. Pin outer sections or layers of hair into place so that you can work on the bottom layer of your hair first.
  3. Beginning at the roots, wrap small, two-inch sections of hair around your curling iron barrel, leaving the ends straight.
  4. Hold each curl in place for three to 10 seconds before releasing it. The length of time your hair is exposed to the curling surfaces determines the size and tightness of the curl.
  5. Short hair tends to curl easily and pick up lots of body, especially if you have a layered cut. To avoid a look that’s too curly, leave the top few inches of your crown straight.
  6. Avoid touching curls until they have completely cooled; this will help prevent frizz.
  7. Finish your look by hand-tousling your hair and spritzing it with a light hairspray.

How to Curl Short Hair With a Flat Iron?

  1. Prepare your hair with a heat protectant, and preheat your flat iron.
  2. Insert a small section of your hair into the iron. Vary section sizes for a more natural and messy look.
  3. While holding the iron firmly, turn your wrist halfway and then pull gently, advancing the plates through your hair.
  4. Keep repeating the motion until the entire section has been curled. Release the iron before you reach the last inch of hair for a beachy, less polished look.
  5. For a smoother, curlier look, wrap the mid-shaft portion of your hair around the entire iron just as you would with a curling iron or wand.
  6. Shake your hair, or run your fingers gently through it to break up the curls.
  7. Finish with a light hairspray, or apply a wax pomade to further mold your curls.

Reviews of Top Curling Irons and Flat Irons for Short Hair

BlueTop Unisex Tourmaline Ceramic Mini Hair Crimper Curler Iron

Slim and lightweight, the BlueTop Mini Hair Crimper features include a ceramic coating infused with silk protein, a tiny 9mm barrel size for creating fine details and fully adjustable temperature settings to keep your hair healthier and provide more control over your curling abilities.

Although it works well on hair of any length, this model is especially well-suited to short hairstyles and the creation of tight curls. The temperature controls are easy to use, and the rotating safety cooling tips helps prevent accidental burns. The temperature readout is listed in Celsius, so some users may have difficulty mentally transposing the equivalent Fahrenheit heat levels.

Helen of Troy 1503 Spring Curling Iron

An affordable half-inch barrel alternative to pricey salon models, Helen of Troy’s 1503 curling iron is ideal for creating tight, smooth curls in short hair. It features an ergonomic handle, high and low heat settings and a cool tip to prevent injuries.

The 1503 is easy to hold and helps to reduce arm fatigue. A built-in rest protects counter tops from burns. Unfortunately, the chrome barrel may not distribute heat as easily as ceramic or tourmaline, so it’s not an ideal selection for people with dry, delicate or damaged hair.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

A popular product from a leading manufacturer of styling tools, the BaBylissPro Nano straightening iron is designed with tourmaline technology to protect hair from heat damage while producing smooth, salon-quality results. Due to its small size, it’s perfect for working quickly with short hair.

If you plan to curl your straight hair with this iron, you may find that the small casing makes quick wrist movements easier. Its compact profile makes it ideal for travel, but some users complain that the plates don’t get as hot as they should.

MHD Professional Travel Size 0.5-inch Mini Flat Iron

With its tourmaline floating heating plates and light, non-slip grip design, the MHD Mini Flat Iron provides a great way to touch up short hairstyles when you’re on the go. Although it doesn’t offer adjustable heat settings, it reaches 356 degrees Fahrenheit quickly to provide significant straightening or curling power.

It’s ideal for thin hair, bangs, simple styles, touch-ups and cowlicks, but it’s not designed for heavy use or extensive curling and straightening.

Helen of Troy Mini Half-Inch Professional Curling Iron

Designed specifically for short hair, bangs and wisps, Helen of Troy’s Mini Curling Iron is great for touch-ups. However, don’t underestimate it based on its size. The quick-heating chrome barrel is perfectly capable of producing tight curls, and the product performs well even when used frequently.

It won’t protect your hair from damage like more expensive models, but it will deliver a respectable level of heat and help you create almost any type of short, curly style in minutes.

Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Your Comfort Zone

When you have short hair, a world of styling possibilities is open to you. Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas. Use products and techniques that you’ve never tried before. The right styling tool can give you the power to re-imagine your signature look every day.

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