Best Eyelash Curler for Short Lashes – Top Product Reviews 2017

Curling your eyelashes makes your eyes look bigger, brighter and more beautiful, so your eyelash curler is an indispensable makeup tool. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with the long, luxurious lashes of a runway model. If you have short ones, they can be difficult to curl.

When you’re using an eyelash curler on short lashes, you must maneuver it extremely close to your eyelid, and one wrong move could cause a painful pinch or even broken lashes. Also, the shorter your lashes are, the harder it is to curl them without ruining your makeup. It may seem as if all eyelash curlers were made with long lashes in mind.

Top Rated Eyelash Curlers for Short Lashes: Quick Comparison

Product NameHighlightsRatingNumber of Reviews
Panasonic ES2351AC Heated CurlerComb Design, Compact750+
Bella & Bear Eyelash CurlerSturdy, Pinch & Pain Free350+
EmaxDesign CurlerPremium Steel, Sturdy Design50+
Brilliant Beauty Eyelash CurlerErgonomic Body, Calibrated Hinges250+
Preo Curl Up CurlerSturdy, Comes with 6 Pads30+
Inspirations Professional Eyelash CurlerPinch & Pain Free10+
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The Short Lash Solution: Finding the Right Eyelash Curler

Even if your DNA dealt you a set of short, hard-to-curl eyelashes, there is hope. Eyelash curlers come in many sizes, shapes and configurations, and some of them are better than others for giving shorter lashes a natural-looking, pain-free curl.

When shopping for your new eyelash curler, there are several factors that you should consider. Keep the following tips in mind.

  • Look for products that are favored by people whose lash length is similar to yours.
  • Note the shape of an eyelash curler before you try it. Some are more curved than others. Look for a model that best matches the size and shape of your eyes.
  • If a curler requires rubber inserts, be sure that you can obtain additional ones later.
  • If you’ve never used heated eyelash curlers before, practice using one unheated first.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different types of eyelash curlers. Different styles work for different people.

Reviews of 6 Top Eyelash Curlers for Short Lashes in 2017

You can get a great head start on finding the perfect eyelash curler for short eyelashes by checking out these six top picks.

EmaxDesign Pinch & Pain-free Metal Eyelash Curler

EmaxDesign’s budget-friendly metal eyelash curler is designed to curl without pinching your skin or pulling and damaging your lashes. It’s not as wide as many curlers, which makes it ideal for smaller eyes. Although it may not produce dramatic results, users love its soft touch and its reliable performance.


  • Attractive rose gold design
  • Comes with five extra silicone pads
  • Gently curved shape
  • Sturdy, extra-large handles
  • Manufacturer offers satisfaction guarantee


  • Budget-friendly model
  • Curls moderately short lashes without pinching
  • Easy to hold and use
  • Fits most eye shapes well
  • Silicone pads are soft and comfortable


  • Finish may chip or deteriorate prematurely
  • May not reach the base of eyelashes
  • Not spring-loaded

Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler

The Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler boasts a classic design and promises to eliminate tugging, pulling and eyelash breakage. Although it will fit a variety of eye shapes and sizes, its longer curl surface makes it a popular choice for people with larger eyes and short lashes.


  • Simple, ergonomic design
  • High-quality stainless steel frame
  • Calibrated hinge ensures even pressure
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Storage bag included


  • Produces long-lasting curl
  • Durable and well-made
  • Reaches base of lash line easily
  • Gives the illusion of increased volume
  • Affordably priced


  • Sides of curler head may irritate skin around eyes during use
  • Rear support bars may snap off
  • Handles are somewhat slippery
  • Slightly heavier construction than other models

Panasonic ES2351AC Heated Eyelash Curler With Comb Design

Panasonic’s most popular heated eyelash curler relies on a circular, gently heated comb to lift and curl even short lashes quickly and safely. Users approve of its convenient color-change heat indicator and its portability. Unlike standard lash curlers, it is safe for use on lashes with or without mascara.


  • Heat indicator changes from pink to purple when curler is ready to use
  • Slender, contoured design
  • Easy to clean with warm running water
  • Uses one AA battery


  • Applies heat evenly across lashes
  • Heat indicator helps prevent accidental burns
  • Doesn’t crimp lashes or pinch skin
  • Works on straight, short lashes


  • Battery power depletes quickly
  • Repeated exposure to heat may dry out eyelashes
  • May not produce dramatic curl effect
  • May melt certain types of mascara

Preo Curl Up Eyelash Curler

The Preo Curl Up is an unconventional eyelash curler that sports a narrow, tweezer-like design. Inspired by Japanese designers, the Curl Up is particularly useful for curling short lashes because you can curl small sections individually. The method required to use the instrument takes a little practice, but satisfied customers swear by its dramatic results.


  • Made from stainless steel
  • Includes six refill pads
  • Used by theatrical makeup professionals
  • Allows you to curl only your corner lashes


  • Perfect for short, hard-to-reach lashes
  • Dramatic curling potential
  • Helps brighten deep-set eyes
  • No moving parts to break


  • Takes longer to use than conventional curlers
  • May cause crimping if used improperly
  • Expensive considering the simple construction

Inspirations Professional Class Durable Eyelash Curler

A handy product from Inspirations, the Durable Eyelash Curler is an affordable choice that works for all eye shapes but is particularly well-suited for eyes that are less curvy, including eyes with epicanthic folds. Its popularity is based on its price, its ease of use and its simple, solid performance.


  • Designed for use with all lash lengths and eye shapes
  • Unique, no-slip ergonomic design
  • Pain-free, pinch-free curling
  • Professional-grade design
  • Works in seconds


  • Gently curved head curls short lashes effectively
  • Affordably priced
  • Solid construction
  • No-slip finger guards reduce mishaps


  • Multiple moving parts may break
  • Bulkier design doesn’t fit well in small makeup bags
  • Large handles may partially obscure view during use

Bella & Bear Eyelash Curler

The Bella & Bear Eyelash Curler is designed to create a lasting curl without pinching or pulling on delicate, short lashes. Good overall performance, sturdy construction and great customer service have made the company and the product a hit with eyelash curler buyers.


  • Compact, simple design
  • Dynamic spring device equalizes pressure on lashes
  • Includes travel bag and refill pad
  • Appropriate for all eye shapes, including Asian eyes
  • Non-slip rubber handle


  • Manufacturer offers satisfaction guarantee
  • Reliable, consistent performance
  • Design optimizes visibility during use


  • Curl may not hold as promised
  • Metal edge of curler is slightly sharp and may cause discomfort during use
  • Pad inserts may become loose

Conclusion: Clean, Cared-For Curlers Work Better

Your short eyelashes deserve the best treatment, so make sure that you care for your eyelash curler properly. Remove makeup and oil after each use to prevent your eyelashes from sticking to the curler and being pulled out as you release it. Be sure to replace pads or strips as needed so that your eyelash curler will always perform consistently.

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