6 Best Eyeshadow Palette for Beginners in 2017

Is someone you love ready to explore the world of eye makeup for the first time? If so, choosing great eye shadow colors is an important and exciting task. A quality eye shadow selection is a must-have tool for all beginners and starters because it allows them to create the most popular looks and find a few that are uniquely theirs.

While it’s important to understand the basics of eye contouring and age-appropriate style, you also need to find products that are easy for beginners to use but still allow room for experimentation. If you know little about eye shadow brands and products, this can be a challenge.

Top Rated Eyeshadow Palette for Beginners: Quick Comparison

Product NameHighlightsRatingNumber of Reviews
W7 Colour Me Buff Natural Nudes12 Shades for Neutral Look2500+
L.A. Girl Beauty Brick EyeshadowShimmer & Matte Shades550+
Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette16 Colors, Smoky Shadows700+
W7’s Ultimate Eyeshadow CollectionFour 12-in-1 Palette Set, Nudes & Smoky Shades250+
Morphe Pro Eyeshadow Makeup Palette35 Colors for Rich Natural Looks1000+
Natural Eye Shadow Palette by Elizabeth Mott5 Shimmer & Matte Finish Colors25+
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A Great Beginner’s Eye Shadow Palette Is Your Solution

Eye shadow palettes are collections of eye shadows in various colors or shades. They may be designed to complement each other or to provide contrast and versatility. For beginners, both a selection of shades that work with a specific skin tones or a collection of random colors can be useful.

Here are a few things to consider before buying an eye shadow palette for a beginner.

  • Many light-skinned beginners fare better with sheer, natural shades, especially if they are young and inexperienced.
  • Nude or pastel collections may reduce the problem of heavy-handed application.
  • Just because you’re buying them for a beginner doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in quality products. Learning to apply cheap, inferior makeup doesn’t prepare beginners for better options; because the feel and texture is so different, they’ll simply have to start over from scratch when they upgrade.
  • Look for palettes that offer application tips and professional-quality applicators. Learning with the best tools and resources produces the best results.

Reviews of Top 6 Eye Shadow Palettes for Starters in 2017

W7 Colour Me Buff Natural Nudes Eye Shadow Colour Palette

UK company W7 created the Natural Nudes palette to inspire gorgeous, natural looks with the option of employing bold accents. Popular for its versatile spectrum and mix of 12 matte and sparkly shades, it offers easy application and reliable performance. As a beginner’s palette, it offers a range of options and encourages creativity.


  • Product comes in a sturdy, lightweight tin
  • Includes double-sided brush and smudger tool
  • Provides light and deep colors to accent all skin tones
  • Darker colors may be used as eye liner


  • Colors blend easily
  • Creamy, smooth texture
  • Shadow doesn’t settle in eye corners or creases
  • Great choice for learning how to contour


  • Some colors produce fallout
  • May require reapplication after several hours
  • Some colors are very dark and may be difficult for beginners to use properly

L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Nudes

L.A. Girl’s Nude Beauty Brick palette offers a mix of matte and shimmer shades in soft, neutral colors that are ideal for teens or anyone seeking a subtle but professional look. Beginners may quickly realize that only subtle differences exist between some colors, but most users claim that overall quality, product presentation and performance is excellent.


  • Includes 12 neutral shades
  • Contains coordinating matte and shimmer shadows
  • Created for day and night looks
  • Includes double-ended brush, mirror and helpful look book


  • Attractive packaging
  • Colors are well-organized
  • Smooth, sheer application reduces overuse
  • Lightly pigmented, gentle colors
  • Can be used wet or with primer for more intense color


  • Only three matte shades are included
  • Some shades are very similar
  • Brush applicator does not transfer color well
  • May not be ideal for darker skinned users

Lamora Best Pro Eyeshadow Palette Makeup Professional Nude

Lamora’s collection of 16 professional nude eye shadows provide a great starting point for eye shadow novices. Because it offers a range of natural nude shades, it’s appropriate for all age groups. Its inclusion of metallic and shimmery colors adds a fun element that will encourage artistic exploration.


  • Includes matte, metallic, satin and shimmer colors
  • Contains top-quality ingredients
  • Can be used to create both subtle and dramatic looks
  • Warm colors range from soft beige to earthy brown
  • Portable, slim, lightweight design with magnetic lid


  • Easily blended and smooth
  • Gentle, feminine colors
  • Performs well either wet or dry
  • Makes a great eyeliner or brown color
  • Long-wearing


  • Shadows produce some fallout
  • Not the best choice for darker skin tones
  • Requires primer to get maximum color intensity
  • No guidance provided for use

W7’s Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection

W7’S Ultimate Collection includes four distinctive color palette sets: In the Buff, Lightly Toasted, In the Nude and In the Night. The collection as a whole provides maximum versatility and makes it easy to create many different looks. Because coordinating colors are grouped together in separate tins, it’s easier for beginners to understand how shades and eye shadow textures work together to create different effects.


  • Includes four tins containing 12 colors each
  • A variety of matte, pearl and metallic finishes
  • Includes a double-ended brush applicator
  • Affordable alternative to popular high-end palettes


  • Beautiful, distinctive and well-coordinated palettes
  • Highly pigmented colors
  • Great price for product volume
  • Minimal fallout during application


  • Darker colors are very intense
  • Lighter colors require primer to achieve intensity
  • Tin container dents easily
  • Some colors may not be suitable for all skin tones

Morphe Pro 35 Color Eyeshadow Makeup Palette Plum Palette

Morphe Brushes’ collection of 35 plum-inspired eye shadows gives beginners the power to explore bright hues, evening looks and fun combinations. Considered an essential for makeup artists, the product features high-quality minerals and oils and intense pigmentation. Although the palette doesn’t work with all skin tones, the purple and plum shades are popular with teens.


  • Super-soft, blendable formula
  • Designed for extended wear regardless of skin type
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Vibrant color selection


  • Colors last all day
  • Large, deep pans provide ample amounts of product
  • Affordably priced for its size
  • Comparable with more expensive brands


  • Intense colors are more suitable for beginners with darker skin tones
  • Some colors produce fallout
  • May stain light-colored clothing
  • Less portable than Morphe’s smaller collections

Natural Eye Shadow Palette by Elizabeth Mott

The perfect collection of natural eyeshadow colors doesn’t have to be boring or outrageously expensive. This palette from Elizabeth Mott offers premium-quality eyeshadows that can create a variety of looks that range from soft and demure to bold and exotic.


  • The collection features five 0.5oz powdered eyeshadows.
  • Matte colors include Nearly Nude and Basically.
  • Shimmer colors include Golden Brown, Fizz and Thunder Cloud.


  • It’s a PETA-certified, cruelty-free product.
  • The shadows are creamy and easily blended.
  • Most buyers report excellent customer service from the company.


  • An applicator brush is not included.
  • The formula contains parabens.
  • Shadows may break easily in transit.

Conclusion: Guide Young Beginners Carefully

If you’re purchasing an eye shadow palette for a young novice, be sure to also provide the necessary guidelines for proper care and storage of makeup as well as effective skin care and makeup removal. Let her experiment at home as desired without criticism. A little wasted eye shadow is just part of the learning process.

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