About Us

Hi there,

I am Samantha, a wife, a mother and a home maker. An interior designer by qualification, a traveler by choice and a writer at heart.

All my life, I have been fascinated by the world of glamour, beauty and fame. But no matter how much I tried to look like a movie star, I have had general bodily issues such as skin problems, hair problems and other minor health and fitness issues like any other person.

Yes, the internet is full of blogs that provide free advice on anything and everything but with so much of information and misinformation floating around, how does one decide what advice to take, what products to use, what will work and what will not?

It was always my dream to put together a resource that would genuinely help people with their day to day issues related to the mind, body and soul. A guide about the problems faced by everyone and expert reviews for products that claim to solve those problems. YouLookAttractive.com is that dream come true.

At YouLookAttractive.com, I have put together a team of experts to provide the best guidance and opinions about issues in different fields such as beauty, health, fitness, wellness and fashion.

It is our endeavor to address issues that all of us face in our day to day lives and provide fair and unbiased advice or solutions for those issues.

I hope the hours of research I’ve put together to make my life better will help you skim through to what really helps.

Let’s get started and make YOU LOOK ATTRACTIVE! 🙂