6 Best Clear Mascaras for Your Eyelashes and Eyebrows

If you’re like me, you need a professional, groomed look for your eyes during the day that can transition to a more dramatic look later on for parties or going out with friends. Clear mascara can help to accentuate lashes and brows during the day while still giving you that “no makeup-makeup” look. There’s a definition there that sets your look apart from wearing no makeup at all, but it’s hard to pinpoint just what the magic is.

We’ve curated some of the best clear mascara products on the market today in our guide in order to help you decide if clear mascara is right for you.

What does Clear Mascara do?

Clear mascaras provide dramatic definition around the eyes without adding pigment, acting to accentuate natural qualities. Traditional mascara ranges in color from light brown to extreme black and can clump on the lashes, giving them an artificial, heavy look.

Clear mascara, in contrast, simply amplifies lashes, giving them definition while providing formulas that add conditioning to keep your lashes looking their very best.

Another use for clear mascaras is to tame unruly eyebrows. The wand helps to separate and define the eyebrows, while the gel formula keeps the brow hairs in place.

Dramatically up-sweeping the brows can give a polished finish to a formal look, while careful definition of the brows can be an integral part of your daily routine.

Those who prefer pigmented mascaras instead can still benefit from clear mascaras, using them as a base coat before applying pigmented mascaras or applying the clear coat afterwards, as a way to seal the colored mascara and stop it from flaking or smearing.

Things to Consider before Choosing a Clear Mascara

For decades, mascaras were like the first Model-T Ford cars; they came in only one color: black. As product lines improved and customers demanded more variety, shades from light brown to darkest black joined novelty colors like green or blue. The latest addition to the mascara lineup is clear mascara, an innovative and welcome option that allows consumers to customize their lashes and brows with a look that’s just right for them.

However, not all clear mascaras are created equally. If you have sensitive eyes or are looking for a cruelty-free alternative, you’ll need to pay close attention to product labeling to find the right product for your needs.

  • Lash formulas come with different sizes of brushes; search for one that has the right kind of brush for your needs.
  • The amount of product per tube varies by manufacturer. You won’t always get more if you pay more.
  • You don’t have to settle for artificial ingredients; there are natural and even organic alternatives you can choose from when buying clear mascara.
  • If you plan to use tinted mascara on your lashes and only want clear gel for your brows, there are products designed specifically for them.
  • If you have lash extensions, clear mascara can help to accentuate them, keeping them conditioned and lush between applications.

Clear Mascara Reviews

CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash No Color Mascara

Packaged in a sleek, see-through container in order to highlight the clarity of its product, this mascara blend contains just over one-third of an ounce of formula. The included application wand has short bristles and is able to reach even the smallest lashes at the corners of the eyes.

With ingredients that promote conditioning and a formula that is opthalmologist-approved for sensitive eyes, this mascara washes off easily at the end of the day.

CoverGirl offers less product in their clear mascara tubes than some other manufacturers.

For instant coverage and definition at a hard-to-beat price, CoverGirl’s Natural Lash is an excellent choice.

Maybelline New York Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow

Using natural ingredients like beeswax, this clear mascara product comes in a generous, .44-ounce container and includes a lash brush with short bristles, perfect for reaching and defining each and every lash. The hypo-allergenic formula can also be used on eyebrows and it dries to an invisible finish for definition without clumping.

With nearly half an ounce of formula in each mascara tube, Maybelline offers extra value over other brands. A light, fresh scent and ease of removal makes this an appealing mascara option.

The product does take somewhat longer to dry, but once applied to the lashes, it offers hours of definition for both lashes and brows.

Continuing its tradition of providing quality makeup products for the eyes, this clear mascara by Mabelline is gentle enough to use every day.

e.l.f. Clear Brow and Lash Mascara, Crystal

With an innovative tube that provides formula at both ends, this product by e.l.f. also helpfully provides two brushes, one for lashes that will help to define and separate each individual lash and a smaller brush designed specifically for the brows.

Most clear mascara users don’t mind sharing one brush for applying clear mascara formula to both lashes and brows, but for those that do, this product provides separate options.

It’s not clear from the labeling if the formula if each tube is different, and at .08 ounces per tube, there’s less product than other clear mascaras on the market.

The futuristic aesthetic and individuality of this eye-catching mascara, coupled with its multiple-brush design, helps e.l.f. to stand out from other clear mascaras on the market.

Zuzu Luxe Mascara

Herbal extracts and a commitment to the environment characterize this clear mascara product. Zuzu never tests their products on animals, and their clear mascara provides a strong base of conditioners and vitamins to nourish and encourage lash growth. A .25-ounce container and generously-sized brush will keep lashes looking thick and glossy and brows looking groomed.

Free from any ingredients that can irritate eyes, pollute the environment or are not organic, this clear mascara provides day-long performance. Zuzu’s gluten-free, vegan products are perfect for those with allergies to conventional makeup products.

While this Zuzu product gives superior performance and is cruelty-free, it is also more expensive than conventional brands.

For environmentally-conscious customers who are seeking a product that will give quality eyelash and brow definition throughout the day, it’s hard to beat Zuzu’s addition to clear mascaras.

NYX Cosmetics Control Freak Eye and Brow Gel

Offering a subtle lash-curling formula to their clear mascara, NYX Cosmetics provides superior coverage and long-lasting performance from their lash and brow gel. Couple this product with tinted powders to get both definition and accentuation for brows. Sweep lashes from root to tip for a natural, healthy look, or add a topcoat of the clear formula to seal and protect colored mascara all day long.

This special formula from NYX Cosmetics dries clear, with no flaking or stickiness. Simply apply as part of a daily regimen for lashes that are not only defined, but also curl slightly for a more polished look.

Because of its curling formula, those who already have naturally curly eyelashes or brows may want to pick a different formula.

Skip styling lashes with a curler and simply apply this formula that encourages even straight lashes to curl subtly for all-in-one convenience.

Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel

This long-lasting product doesn’t clump on lashes or leave eyebrows feeling sticky. Apply it to lashes for sealed-in protection that helps to maintain and condition, while taming brows without heavy build-up of the product. As the formula is concentrated, the .30-ounce size will last customers for months.

The sleek styling of this clear lash and brow gel by Ardell gives hint to the simplicity of the formula inside. Just apply one or two coats for a long-lasting look that will carry on throughout the day.

The brush helps to contour brows, but its size might be difficult for reaching the shorter lashes near the corners of the eyes.

Become an instant beauty professional and achieve dramatic results for both lashes and eyebrows. The unique formula adds conditioning and the wide brush makes short work out of styling unruly brows.

Lash Out in Style

Adding one of these excellent products to your beauty regimen can dramatically change both your everyday style and help to maximize your evening look. Try a clear mascara to bring out your natural beauty or as a way to further define tinted brows and lashes.

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