7 Best Hot Yoga Towels – Non Slip & Skidless To Improve Your Grip

Hot yoga can be so refreshing and rejuvenating, but dealing with a sweat-soaked yoga mat is nobody’s favorite part. Slipping and sliding around on your sweaty mat during bikram is annoying and embarrassing! Normal bath towels aren’t large enough to cover a yoga mat and can get damp quickly, so it’s worthwhile to invest in a towel made just for hot yoga.

Towels for hot yoga are designed to be non-slip and super-absorbent, without taking on odors or other hygiene issues. They protect your mat from your sweat, which will help you maintain your mat for longer!

7 Best Yoga Towels for Hot Yoga: Quick Comparison

Product Name Size in Inches Rating Number of Reviews
Shandali Gosweat 72 x 26.5 1100+
Yoga Design Lab Combo 70 x 24 400+
Aurorae Synergy 72 x 24 1400+
Youphoria Yoga 72 x 24 1450+
Yoga Mate 68 x 24 850+
Gaiam Yoga 68 x 24 700+
MangoFit 72 x 24 100+
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How to Choose the Right Hot Yoga Towel?

You can stay a little cooler during hot yoga sessions with the best hot yoga towel, and we’ve researched the top options for you. Here are a few great features to look for in a hot yoga towel:

  • Towel Size: Some towels come in hand towel sizes or oversized options, but most are designed to perfectly cover your yoga mat. Hand towels are great for cleaning up during or after your session, too!
  • Non-Slip: A non-slip rubber backing isn’t necessary to keep your towel from slipping out from under you. Most microfiber towels can be sprayed with water to help you get a grip. Some hot yoga towels have a rubber backing for extra traction, but they are bulkier.
  • Microfiber Fabric: Microfiber is twice as absorbent as cotton, and it dries twice as fast! So it’s an obvious choice for a hot yoga towel when the sweat is pouring down!
  • Color Options: If you take yoga in a group class, you may want to get a unique color that you won’t misplace or forget about. Or just to draw compliments, too!

Top Hot Yoga Mat Towel Reviews

Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel

The Shandali Gosweat is made from soft anti-slip microfiber and comes in two sizes: a full-sized 72×26 inches towel and a 16×26.5-inch hand towel size. Both towels are thin and absorbent with a suede-like texture. The Gosweat comes in teal, light pink, purple, dark blue, gray, light blue, and dark pink.

The soft texture and lightweight design make this an easy towel to take with you and use during your classes, and the full-size option is big enough to cover most yoga mats.

Some people found the towel was slippery no matter what they tried, but for most people it works well for most poses and for getting through a hot yoga class.

Yoga Design Lab Hot Yoga Towel

Available in ten different unique geometric patterns, this 72×24-inch hot yoga mat towel won’t get lost in the crowd. The lightweight microfiber material dries quickly, and the towel is machine washable and dryer safe. Water-based inks were used to create the eco-friendly prints. Microfiber is odor-hesitant and dries quickly, perfect for hot yoga.

This mat-sized towel comes in a range of gorgeous patterns that will make your mat stand out in the best of ways. It performs well, too!

The print on the towel is one-sided, while the back side is a plain cream white color. We love the unique prints available!

Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat with Towel

Available in green, black, purple, cobalt blue, and dark blue, this product combines a yoga mat with a yoga towel to give you an all-in-one alternative. Measuring 72×24 inches, a 5mm rubber yoga mat base is covered by a microfiber towel top layer. It combines the softness of a hot yoga towel with the non-slip cushion of a yoga mat.

If you want to travel light, the Synergy towel-mat is a great choice for bikram and other exercises. It’s a convenient alternative to lugging around a mat and towel!

The only issue: you have to hand-wash and air-dry this yoga mat with towel. But you can quit rearranging your towel every five minutes and focus on your practice!

Youphoria Yoga Hot Yoga Towel

With over a dozen color combinations to choose from, this 24×72-inch microfiber towel is machine washable and soft. They have a terrycloth weave style similar to a bath towel. The edges are solidly stitched for long-lasting durability and lots of washes! It’s also large enough to totally cover most yoga mats.

This hot yoga towel is absorbent and has durable stitching, so it can handle even the hottest of hot yoga sessions!

Some people find the material thinner than they would like, but it’s super absorbent anyway. We love the color options and tough stitching!

Yoga Mate Perfect Yoga Towel

These hot yoga towels from Yoga Mate are available in hand towel sizes and full mat sizes, too. You can choose from a handful of colors, including a tie-dye pattern! The mat-sized towels measure 68×24 inches and are made from absorbent microfiber in a terrycloth weave.

If you like a more towel-like feel rather than a suede microfiber, you’ll like these hot yoga towels. They are super-soft and slip-resistant, too!

The mat towel is shorter than other options (68 inches instead of 72), but it’s still large enough to cover most yoga mats perfectly. We love the soft terrycloth weave!

Gaiam Yoga Towels

The hot yoga towels from Gaiam are made from absorbent, quick-drying microfiber. You can choose from more than ten different color options, and three sizes: 20×30 inches, 24×68 inches, or 26×72 inches. The 24×68 towel is perfect for mats, but the oversize 26×72 option is nice if you want extra room to wipe your face!

We love the vibrant colors and soft terry-cloth style weave of these microfiber towels. The different size options fit different needs, from covering your mat to wiping the back of your neck!

Some people prefer a thicker fabric, but the thin microfiber towel is super absorbent, plus you can choose from a variety of sizes.

MangoFit Hot Yoga Towel

Measuring 72×24 inches, the MangoFit hot yoga towel is made from dark gray microfiber with green stitching. The absorbent microfiber wicks away sweat while helping you stay put on your mat. Four anchor-fit corners are a great touch for keeping your towel solidly in place around your mat.

The anchor-fit corners are a great design feature: they fit over the corners of your yoga mat so you don’t have to worry about adjusting your towel constantly during your session!

Although the microfiber material is thin, this helps you keep cool and it’s still super absorbent. It’s soft and just the right thickness for hot yoga!

You’ll look like you’re sweating less!

But really, the towel is doing some of the work, and that’s fine. It’s a lot easier to wash a towel than to wash a yoga mat! Using a microfiber towel sized to your yoga mat can make hot yoga more rewarding and a lot less messy. Just pop the towel into the washing machine after each session to have a fresh, clean towel ready for next time.

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