6 Best Socks for Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Ballet to get The Perfect Grip

Are you sick of slipping around in your socks during your studio fitness classes? Or maybe you’ve decided to go barefoot during barre, Pilates, or other programs, but can’t shake the feeling that you’re picking up germs or odors from the floor? You don’t have to choose between traction and hygiene: the right pair of yoga socks can provide you with both!

Socks designed, to handle yoga, Pilates, barre, ballet and more, help you get the traction you need while keeping your feet clean and sweat-free. You don’t have to worry about whether the studio floor was mopped last night, and you can still keep your balance!

6 Best Non-Slip Yoga Socks: Quick Comparison

Product Name Rating Material Number of Reviews
Rahabsox 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex 2000+
Laviesimple 90% Cotton, 8% Spandex, and 2% Elastic 300+
Great Soles 75% Cotton, 23% Polyester, 2% Elastane 1200+
Flesser Cotton, Acrylic, Spandex 400+
Toesox 90% Organic Cotton 8% Elastane 150+
RAE Yoga 80% Rayon, 15% Spandex, 5% Lycra 20+
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Features to Look for in Yoga Socks

We’ve researched the best yoga socks and other fitness routines to help you gain confidence in your footing and footwear while you exercise. Not sure how to choose? Check out our helpful guide below first.

  • Breathable Fabric: Look at the fabric content of your next pair of yoga socks, and choose socks that are mostly cotton or bamboo rayon. These materials are breathable and keep your feet from getting sweaty!
  • Size Range: Avoid the annoyance of saggy or too-small socks by paying attention to the size range, especially if you have particularly large or small feet. Comfort is important in helping you workout at your best!
  • Non-Slip Grip: Yoga socks with both full and open toes can have rubbery or silicone gripping material attached to the sole of the sock. This gives you a ton of traction for holding different yoga poses, but might keep you from moving freely in a fast-paced fitness class.
  • Toeless or Toe Openings: Perfect for people who prefer going barefoot, a toeless yoga sock lets your toes spread naturally and keep you in contact with the floor. Toeless socks are also a great choice if you hate dealing with sweaty feet!

Non-slip Pilates, Barre, Ballet & Yoga Socks Reviews

Rahabsox Non Slip Socks with Grips

These ankle-height socks are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex for a stretchy and breathable fit. Silicone grip designs on the ball of the foot and the heel keep you from losing your balance. The socks fit women’s shoe sizes 5-8.

These socks keep it simple, but the well-made silicone non-slip grips are designed to resist cracking under pressure. The fitted arch helps keep the socks firmly in place, and the grip placement is perfect for moving naturally.

If you have larger feet or want more stylish yoga socks, these socks from Rahabsox may not be right for you! But they’re one of the best toe socks for yoga, non-slip and for keeping things simple without sacrificing quality.

Laviesimple Toe Socks for Yoga

These socks combine non-slip grips with an open half-toe design that will keep your feet cool and in touch with the ground. Made from 90% cotton, 8% spandex, and 2% elastic, these socks fit women’s foot sizes 5-10 and come in a variety of colors.

The combination of the open half-toe look, open arch, and breathable cotton make these socks the cute and comfortable choice for hot feet! Non-slip grip dots cover the sole of the sock as well for extra traction from heel to toe.

Some people may find the full dotted grips on the bottoms of these socks to be more distracting than helpful, but overall the design is great for keeping your feet cool as you work out.

Great Soles Ballet Yoga Socks

Looking for socks with style and substance? These below-the-ankle Ped-cut socks feature non-slip grips and elastic bands that cross over the arch of your foot. Made from a cotton and polyester blend, the socks fit women’s shoe sizes 6-10.

These low-cut socks are great if you want the bare minimum of foot coverage, and the elastic bands keep them securely in place during your workout. Ideal for barre and other studio fitness classes, the socks also have a crack-resistant non-slip grip.

If Ped-cut socks tend to slip off of your heels, you might want to avoid these! We love the Great Soles socks for their cute style, and the brand’s support of cancer research.

Flesser Yoga Sports Separator Socks

If trying to practice yoga or get through your Pilates class after a long day at work makes your feet ache, toe separator socks might help. These socks are a cotton spandex blend that fit women’s shoe sizes 6-10. Fabric “ribs” run between your toes to separate and massage them.

Struggling with bunions, toe cramps, or other achey feet issues? A pair of separator socks might be just what the doctor ordered to help you stay active while treating your feet well. From dance to yoga, the socks will massage your feet with every movement.

We wish these socks also had non-slip grips on the bottoms, but the open-toe design still gives you a lot of traction to work with!

ToeSox Bellarina Half Toe Socks

Made from a cotton blend, these socks are available in four size ranges to fit a wide range of feet. An open half-toe design with non-slip grip allows your feet to breathe without sacrificing your grip on the ground!

The Bellarina socks feature a heel tab that helps the low-cut socks stay in place during your workout. The silicone grip material covers the full sole of the sock to help you keep your balance, and there are tons of prints and colors to choose from!

If you have poor circulation or tend to get cold feet, you may not enjoy the open design of these socks! They work very well for a range of workout types and fit a larger range of shoe sizes than many other yoga sock options!

Fiorelle Boutique RAE YOGA Socks

Available in two size ranges, these socks are made of 80% bamboo rayon, 15% spandex, and 5% lycra. The non-slip grip has an artistic design, combined with comfortable half-toe openings perfect for yoga, barre, and more.

The non-slip grip design is smooth rather than bumpy, so you’ll barely notice it. If you find dotted grips distracting, you may prefer these instead. Bamboo rayon is even more breathable than cotton is, so it’s a great choice for athletic wear!

These socks don’t come in as many styles as some of the other yoga socks out there, but their comfortable design and materials make them a great choice!

Ready for class? Bring your new socks!

Cute and useful yoga socks are the perfect choice for helping you with your workout. Quit sliding and skidding in regular socks, and leave your paranoia about catching a foot fungus behind! Yoga socks may not make you better at yoga, but they can definitely improve your workout experience.

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