5 Best Curling Irons for Long Hair in 2018 – Reviews, Comparison & Guide

Long, flowing waves and curls are back in style like never before. Today’s long hairstyles range from complex and glamorous to carefree and natural, but unless your hair is naturally curly, most of them require some effort.

Curling irons create gorgeous waves and curls faster and easier. However, the weight of longer, thicker hair presents a special challenge. It may be more difficult to achieve your wavy strands and smooth spirals to begin with, and keeping them intact throughout the day can be even trickier. Fortunately, today’s popular curling irons include features designed to help you better manage your lengthy locks.

Top Curling Irons for Long Hair in 2018: Quick Comparison

Product Name Barrel Temperature Barrel Material Rating Number of Reviews
PrettyQueen 3 Barrel Iron 430° F Tourmaline Ceramic 150+
Hot Tools 1102 Iron 428° F - 2800+
Hot Tools 2" Iron/Wand 430° F - 750+
Revlon Jumbo 3 Barrel Waver 420° F Tourmaline Ceramic 900+
Infiniti Pro by Conair 400° F Tourmaline Ceramic 2950+
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What Type of Iron Is Best for Long Hair?

All irons work by heating your hair, but they’re not all equal. When it comes to selecting the best curling iron for long hair, there are certain features that matter more.

1. Barrel Size

Barrel size determines how tight or small a curl will be. Since longer styles tend to rely on loose, wavy tresses, curlers with small barrels aren’t ideal. For loose waves, blowout-type looks or rounded bends at the ends of your hair, a two-inch barrel is ideal. If your goal is voluminous curls, a 1.5-inch barrel is the preferred option.

2. Material

Irons with metal plates heat unevenly and can fry your hair before you realize it’s happening. Ceramic barrels heat more evenly and are easier to control. If your long hair is dry, a titanium barrel iron can help it retain needed moisture. Tourmaline irons are known for their ability to make hair shinier and reduce frizz.

3. Temperature Control

Long hairstyles often have shorter layers around the face or crown, so you may need more heat to curl some sections than others. An iron that offers multiple heat settings can help you avoid damage caused by overheating shorter or more vulnerable strands.

Best Way to Curl Long Hair

  • Before curling, be sure that your hair is in a clean, dry and natural state. Damp hair is more easily damaged by heat. You may find that your hair holds a curl more easily on the day after you wash it.
  • Select small sections of hair to curl. Trying to curl large sections may seem like a time-saving effort, but your results won’t be consistent, especially if you have thick hair. Use clips to separate sections of hair, and work from bottom layers up toward your crown.
  • Apply a product made specifically for protecting hair from the heat of styling tools.

How to Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron?

  1. Start by preheating your iron. To protect your hair, use the lowest possible heat setting that produces good results.
  2. Depending on how many curls you want, divide hair into small subsections to be curled individually.
  3. Wrap the mid-section portion of your hair section around the barrel before rolling and clamping the rest. This is the healthiest and strongest part of your hair, so it can withstand heat better. It’s also harder to curl than the ends, so placing it closer to the barrel will help even out the results.
  4. Hold each section in the iron for about three seconds. Only increase curling time if necessary.
  5. If your hair is difficult to curl, try using a setting spray.
  6. Alternate curl directions. Randomizing the direction of curls reveals layers, creates a more natural look and prevents curls from falling into each other throughout the day.
  7. For large, bouncy curls, add a touch of light-hold hairspray.
  8. For springier curls, try a smaller barrel.
  9. For messy, beachy looks, rough hair up slightly with your hairdryer after curling and setting.

Curling Iron for Long Hair Reviews

Three-Barrel PrettyQueen Fast-heating Curler for Long Hair

The three-barrel PrettyQueen model is a unique and innovative curling wand specifically made for long hair. In addition to its triple-barrel design, it offers a number of standard features that are ideal for long styles. These include adjustable temperature and both tourmaline and ceramic technology.

While the wand is not ideal for tight curls, long-haired users report good performance, increased volume, luxurious waves and shiny, healthy-looking hair. Learning to use the large appliance effectively may take practice, but once you get the hang of it, the wand saves a significant amount of styling time.

Hot Tools Professional 1102 Curling Iron

The 1102 Professional Curling Iron is a popular model that features a 24K gold-plated 1.5-inch barrel and an impressively fast heat-up time. For those with healthy hair, the intense heat delivers fast and dramatic results. A separate on-off switch allows the iron’s rheostat to memorize favorite heat settings.

People with thick, long hair will find that this iron reduces the amount of effort it takes to produce the desired results. Another benefit is its light weight, which makes styling large volumes of hair less tiring.

The model might not be the appropriate choice for damaged hair because of its barrel material but it might be considered as the best curling for long thick hair.

Hot Tools 2″ Gold-plated Salon Curling Iron

The two-inch barrel model of the popular Hot Tools line provides similar performance and benefits for those who want larger, looser waves. Like its sister model, it features variable heat settings, rheostat memory and super-fact heat-up. Bonuses include a foldaway safety stand and an eight-foot swivel cord to make styling more convenient.

It’s perfect for blow-out looks, beach waves and subtle volumizing. It can also be used as a curling wand. Although the product boasts a heavy-duty, long-life heating element, there are a few reports of limited longevity.

Revlon Perfect Heat Jumbo Three-barrel Waver

The Revlon Three-barrel Waver isn’t made for those seeking curls and ringlets, but it’s a perfect option for creating loose, natural-looking “S-shaped” waves. It features triple-baked ceramic, tourmaline and ionic technologies for ultimate hair protection and conditioning.

With multiple heat settings and a 60-second heat-up time, it can be ideal for any hair condition or type. Users love the model’s speed, easy storage and innovative triple-barrel design. The appliance is somewhat heavy and may lead to arm fatigue if you have thick hair, but styling time is shorter when compared to single-barrel models.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret

Unlike traditional irons, the Infiniti Pro draws small sections of your hair into a curling chamber where it is heated from all directions. After the time is up, a perfect curl is released. The product is notable for its ability to create curls that last longer, which makes it popular with those who have longer hair.

Internal curling surfaces use tourmaline technology to protect hair from heat damage. The device features two heat settings and three timer settings. Many users get great results, but some warn that there’s a learning curve. Getting hair caught in the machine is not an unusual event for beginners.

Styling Long Hair Takes Practice

Even with the perfect curling iron for long hair, it takes time and practice to conquer great hairstyles. Try not to get discouraged if your hair doesn’t seem to cooperate at first. If you’re really having trouble getting the results you want, ask your hairstylist or a skilled friend for help. A little instruction and hands-on experience can make a world of difference.

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