Do Eyelashes Grow Back? – The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Growth

Full, lush eyelashes make your eyes look healthy and youthful. When your lashes become thin or start falling out, it can have a huge impact on both your appearance and your overall self-esteem. Even if your lashes have always been sparse, there are effective solutions to the problem.

As you age, your eyelashes naturally start to thin out and lose vitality. They become shorter, dryer and more brittle. Their color may even fade or look less vibrant.

The alluring, sensual eyes you used to wake up with now require an hour or so of cosmetic reconstruction. To restore their former glory, you may start to rely more on mascara, lash extensions or even false lashes.

In some cases, you may actually lose your natural eyelashes, and this can be alarming. Not only does eyelash loss limit your cosmetic options, but it also may cause you to worry about your health. Fortunately, lash loss due to medical reasons can often be corrected.

To help you with all the issues related to your eyelashes, we have created a complete guide that provides solutions to the most common eyelash problems that people experience.

Why are my eyelashes falling out?

Rubbing your eyes excessively and not removing your eye makeup at night are common causes of minor eyelash loss, but there are many others, and some can only be determined by a thorough medical investigation.

If your lashes seem to be jumping off of your eyes like lemmings, it’s time to make an appointment with your primary care doctor or ophthalmologist. Once the underlying cause is found and treated, your lashes may grow back in normally.

Here are a few common conditions that can lead to progressive eyelash loss.

  • Inflammation or infection of the eyelid or lash follicles
  • A dysfunction of tear glands along the eyelids
  • Demodex mite infestation
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Dermatitis or allergic reactions

  • Rosacea, psoriasis or eczema
  • Alopecia associated with lupus
  • Thyroid problems
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Menopause or pregnancy

  • General hair loss
  • Some types of cancer
  • Chemotherapy
  • Trauma to the eye
  • Obsessive hair-pulling

How to make your lashes grow?

Whether you’re recovering from a medical issue that caused your lashes to fall out or you just want to increase the length and fullness of your lashes, there are several ways you can encourage lash regeneration.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to get longer and fuller eyelashes.

Step 1: Follow your doctor’s instructions for treating any illnesses that may lead to eyelash loss.

Step 2: Don’t traumatize your eyes. If you find yourself rubbing or scratching your eyes due to allergy symptoms or irritants, ask your doctor about eye drops that will reduce your symptoms.

Step 3: Optimize of your overall nutrition. Eat a healthy diet and use supplements if necessary. B vitamins are especially helpful for encouraging hair growth.

Step 4: Take care of your skin, including the skin around your eyes. If it becomes dry, use moisturizers developed for the eye area.

Step 5: Don’t let yourself get dehydrated. Drink plenty of water. A home humidifier can help you manage dry eyes.

Step 6: Get plenty of rest. You’re more likely to rub your eyes when you’re tired.

Step 7: Be patient. Lash growth follows a natural cycle. You may have to wait for old, unhealthy lashes to fall out before your new ones grow in.

How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

clockIf you’ve lost your lashes completely, it may take eight to ten weeks for them to fully regenerate. The human eyelash grows at a rate of about 0.15 mm per day. Once it grows in fully, it stays in place for around five or six months.

If you’re using a lash growth serum to enhance existing lashes, you may get much faster and more dramatic results. Some products have been known to increase lash volume and length by up to 75 percent in six weeks.

Depending on the product and your individual reaction, it may take several weeks or even months to reap the full benefits.

How to get longer lashes?

Besides taking care of medical and dietary causes of lash loss and supporting lash growth and condition with nutrients and serums, there are other ways to make your lashes look and grow longer.

While you’re waiting for your lash serum to work its magic, try the following steps to get longer-looking lashes and gorgeous, youthful peepers.

  1. Use a lash-lengthening mascara. Although it’s just an illusion, it can make your lashes look fuller and longer.
  2. Remove your makeup before bed, but do it gently. Don’t scrub your eyes or tug on your eyelashes. Use a makeup remover made specifically for your eyes. It will make your mascara and eyeliner come off without a fight, and it may also contain moisturizing ingredients to help soothe your tired eyes.
  3. Avoid waterproof mascara. It’s more difficult to remove and more likely to smother your eyelash follicles.
  4. Comb your lashes after applying mascara to prevent them from clumping together; this will reduce the risk of accidental pulling of individual lashes.
  5. Apply winged eyeliner. This dramatic style extends past your natural lash line and creates the illusion of full, lush lashes at the outer corners of your eyes.
  6. If you must wear fake lashes, be sure to give your eyes a break in between sets, and moisturize them well.
  7. Massage your eyelids to stimulate circulation and boost eyelash growth. Note that rubbing your eyes and massaging your lids are not the same thing. Massage is gentle and won’t pull or damage your lashes. Use a gentle, safe eye moisturizer for even better results.
  8. Give your eyes a coconut milk treatment. Soak two cotton balls in cool coconut milk and place them over your eyes for about 10 minutes. The milk will nourish your skin and give your eyelashes a healthy shine.
  9. Green tea is full of antioxidants and can help reduce inflammation that contributes to eye swelling and irritation.
  10. Place cotton balls moistened with freshly brewed but cooled green over your closed eyes for a few seconds every morning.
  11. If you’re a vegetarian, eat more protein. Add a plant-based protein supplement to your daily routine, or if you eat eggs, increase your consumption. Protein is essential for supporting lash growth.

Boost your Eyelash Growth with Eyelash Growth Serums

Eyelash Growth SerumsAn even easier way to make your lashes grow is to take advantage of today’s great eyelash growth serums. Using a combination of natural and growth-enhancing substances, they improve the condition of your lash roots and shafts and stimulate new and extended lash growth.

Lash serums include ingredients such as proteins, essential acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and moisturizers. They provide the support needed for lashes to grow healthy and strong. Most are applied once a day and preferably at bedtime so that they can fully penetrate your skin and lash follicles.

Growth serums may not work for everyone, and some people experience side effects such as burning, itching, redness or swelling. Some types of eyelash growth serums can cause a temporary discoloration of the lash line or upper eyelid. The change may be more noticeable if you have light skin, but if you apply the product as directed, you may find that the added color is not a big deal.

The health of your eyes always comes first, so if you have any kind of eye or skin condition, you should ask your doctor or ophthalmologist before trying out eyelash growth serums for the first time.

If you experience severe burning, redness or swelling after using an eye product of any kind, rinse your eyes with water immediately and seek medical assistance.

Does Vaseline help eyelashes grow?

Does Vaseline help eyelashes grow?

The use of Vaseline petroleum jelly on lashes is controversial. Many people don’t like the fact that it’s a petroleum product, and its effectiveness in helping lashes grow has never been proven.

Vaseline applied to your lashes may help them retain moisture and impart a shine, but it can actually lead to clogged pores, infections and allergic reactions.

Besides the health concerns, it leaves your eyes with a thick, greasy coating that can rub off on your clothing or linens.

Does Coconut Oil help eyelashes grow?

Coconut Oil

Unlike petroleum jelly, coconut oil actually has health benefits. Although clinical studies on its effectiveness for growing eyelashes are lacking, the compounds in coconut oil are beneficial to human hair and skin.

It has a natural moisturizing effect, and it contains capric, caprylic, lauric and myristic acids, which are fatty acids and essential cell building blocks.

While its ability to lengthen lashes is purely anecdotal, there is probably little harm in applying it to your eyelids. Even if it doesn’t grow your lashes, it may help prevent breakage.

Does Castor Oil help eyelashes grow?

Castor Oil

Castor oil contains minerals, vitamin E, proteins and triglycerides. It is well known for its antibacterial and healing properties.

Some people claim that castor oil hydrates the eyelashes and provides an environment where they can grow more easily, but no lash growth has ever been proven. The rich texture of castor oil may make it unsuitable for people with oily skin or a tendency to develop styes or acne.

If you decide to try castor oil, use it in very small amounts.

Does Olive Oil help eyelashes grow?


Olive oil, like other natural oils, works as a moisturizer and improves conditions related to dry skin.

If applied regularly in small amounts, it can help strengthen your eyelashes and prevent premature breakage. It may also be able to improve the lash environment to support overall lash health.

However, its ability to lengthen lashes is unproven.

Does Emu Oil help eyelashes grow?

Emu Oil

Emu oil comes from the emu, a fast-footed Australian bird that resembles an ostrich. The oil is processed from a layer of fat that is removed during processing, and the finished product is used in a variety of health products.

Because it contains phospholipids, it absorbs into the skin quickly and delivers nutrients to the bloodstream. It is known to have ant-inflammatory properties, so it could be beneficial for people whose eyelash loss is related to infection or inflammation.

There is no scientific evidence that emu oil promotes lash growth.

Do Eyelash Extensions damage your eyelashes?

Eyelash Extensions

Although some experts warn that extensions can cause big trouble, the rumors are unfounded. If applied properly, eyelash extensions don’t usually cause any damage to natural lashes.

It’s important not to rub or pull lash extensions, because the natural lash will come out just as it would if you manipulated it directly.

Although the extensions themselves are safe, the glue used to attach them could potentially cause inflammation and irritation that could lead to lash loss. Fortunately, severe reactions are rare.

Does Mascara damage your eyelashes?


If mascara is not removed properly, it can damage your lashes. Certain types of mascara are more problematic than others. Waterproof mascara has a tendency to dry out natural lashes, and it’s also much harder to remove.

Scrubbing or tugging on lashes to remove mascara can cause them to break or fall out. To prevent damage caused by mascara, use eye makeup remover and clean your lashes gently every night before bed.

Leaving eye makeup in place for long periods can smother the lash roots and cause clogged pores.

Do Fake Eyelashes damage your eyelashes?

Fake Eyelashes

The glue used to apply false eyelashes creates tension. When added to the weight of the lash set, it can pull your natural lashes and cause them to fall out of break. Constant exposure to the glue can also produce irritation or prevent oxygen from reaching the lash line.

Some people may be more vulnerable to damage caused by fake lashes. If you’re experiencing eyelash loss due to medical problems or aging, wearing false lashes frequently may not be a good idea.

Do Eyelash Curlers damage your eyelashes?

Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers can cause problems if not used correctly. The tension created by the instrument can pull lashes out directly. In addition, residual makeup on the curler can stick to lashes and cause them to break. It is advisable to choose the correct curler for your eyelash type.

If you see eyelashes hanging onto your curler after you’ve used it, the curler is definitely causing some damage.

Heated eyelash curlers are especially risky since they can cause vulnerable lashes to become drier and more brittle.


Do eyelashes grow back if pulled out?

Eyelashes may be accidentally pulled out when you are removing makeup, using an eyelash curler or rubbing itchy eyes. You may even pluck them out intentionally if they are causing irritation.

In most cases, no harm is done to the hair follicles that are responsible for regrowth of the lashes that were removed. If the corresponding follicle has been badly damaged by rough treatment, the lash may not grow back. After pulling out an eyelash, it may take up to two months for a new lash to grow in its place.

Do eyelashes grow back if cut?

Although most people love having long lashes, there may be some circumstances in which cutting them is desirable to improve comfort or appearance. When lashes are cut intentionally and without trauma to the cuticle, they will grow back normally. However, it may take up to four months for them to regain their original length.

Do eyelashes grow back if burnt?

Accidental exposure to flame or extreme heat can quickly singe your eyelashes. Fortunately, as long as the burn does not involve the skin or eyelash follicle, the lash will grow back normally. It may take several weeks or months for burnt lashes to regenerate. You may have to wait until the singed lash falls out naturally and a new one takes its place.

If you have experienced a severe burn that involves the eyelid or lash follicle, lash loss could be permanent. Consult your doctor or ophthalmologist to determine if treatment is needed.

Do eyelashes grow back after lash extensions?

Losing eyelashes after getting lash extensions is fairly common. Trauma, improper application, adverse reactions to adhesive and the extra weight of extensions are common causes. As long as the lash follicles were not permanently damaged, eyelashes lost due to extensions should grow back. It may take four to six months to see full regrowth, especially if the lashes were pulled out at the root during the resting phase of their growth cycle.

Conclusion: Gorgeous Lashes Can Be Yours

Once you’ve eliminated potential causes of eyelash loss, optimized your health and beauty routine and invested in some great products, you should start to see results.

Growing lashes takes time, so be patient, but don’t wait forever. If your efforts aren’t working, try a different lash serum, or talk to your doctor about prescription eyelash growth treatments that are more powerful than over-the-counter products.

Before you know it, you’ll be winking and batting your long, thick lashes with pride.



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