Best Heat Protectant for Natural Hair – Top 6 Products in 2018

Is your natural hair dry, damaged or unruly from using heat-styling tools? Natural hair presents its own special challenges, but it’s possible to get shiny, healthy-looking natural tresses and long-lasting waves without frying your hair.

Using heat to style your hair results in irreversible changes at a molecular level. When you heat your hair to temperatures above 419 degrees Fahrenheit, its natural proteins are altered or destabilized. The changes are permanent, and they can be cumulative over time.

You can’t reverse the new damage, so protecting your hair from heat while still reaping its styling benefits becomes a priority. Because it mitigates the damage caused by frequent heat styling, a high-quality heat protectant designed for use on natural hair is your best solution.

Top Rated Heat Protectant for Natural Hair: Quick Comparison

Product Name Rating Highlights
CHI Silk Infusion Soy & Wheat Protein, No Alcohol
HSI Professional Thermal Protector Argan Oil, Sulfate Free
ORIBE Royal Blowout Spray Argan Oil, Ceramides
TRESemme Thermal Creations Spray Used by Salon Professionals
ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector Organic Argan Oil, Sulphate Free
Alterna Bamboo Smooth Organic Bamboo Extract, Kendi Oil
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With so many different types and brands available, choosing the best heat protectant for natural hair blowout can be difficult. We’ve made it easier by thoroughly researching popular options and picking the best products for you. Before exploring our selections, take a moment to consider what you should be looking for in a heat protectant.

Natural Hair Heat Protectant Buying Guide

Heat protectants are made from various proteins, amino silicones and polymers; these ingredients work by coating the strands of your hair with a thin, waterproof and heat-resistant coating which decreases your hair’s porosity, protects against moisture loss and smooths the surface of your hair for easier styling. It’s beneficial to use a heat protectant regularly even if you’re only applying low levels of heat to your hair over a long period of time.

When shopping for a new heat protectant for natural hair, it’s important to understand that they’re not all equal in value. The following considerations can help you make the right choice for your personal needs.

  • Search for products that are designed specifically for use on natural hair.
  • Consider whether the heat protectant actually improves the texture of your hair. Many heat protectants infuse softening agents into hair to make it shinier and healthier-looking.
  • Choose a product in your price range; if it works, you’ll want to be able to afford to use it often.
  • Check out every product’s ingredients. Avoid those that contain substances you don’t want such a carcinogenic chemicals and cheap fillers.
  • Consider the product’s weight on your hair. If you want to retain body and bounce, you don’t want a protectant that weighs your hair down too much.
  • Find a heat protectant that can withstand the temperatures that you normally apply to your hair; there’s no point in paying more for a product that greatly exceeds your heat-styling needs.

6 Top Picks for Natural Hair Heat Protectant – Reviews

CHI Silk Infusion

From a world leader in styling products, CHI Silk Infusion is an alcohol-free, leave-in treatment made with pure silk and soy and wheat proteins. When the product is used with ceramic heat-styling devices, the silk is deeply infused into natural hair. CHI Silk Infusion is designed to protect hair from all forms of thermal styling and environmental stressors.

The popular product leaves hair sleek and shiny and effectively protects against moderate to high levels of heat. It smells great, and you can use it on wet or dry hair.

It’s only negative trait is its high price point, but many users feel that it’s well worth the extra cost.

If you’re looking for an all-around great product from a trusted name in hair care, CHI Silk Infusion is an excellent choice.

HSI Professional Thermal Protector 450

A thermal protectant in spray form, this product from HSI delivers smooth, hydrated hair that can withstand heat abuse while enjoying the benefits of its many natural ingredients. It’s safe for use on both natural hair and extensions. The spray formula is convenient, mess-free and easy to use with heated curling irons, flat irons and other styling devices.

HSI Thermal Protector eliminates frizz and speeds up your styling time while enriching your hair with argan oil and vitamins A, B, C and D. It’s free from sulfates, and it’s made in America. While some users don’t like its prominent coconut-like fragrance, others find it irresistible.

If you want to heat-style your extensions, this is your go-to product.

ORIBE Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray

Made with fortifying argan oil, ceramides and silicone complex to provide heat protection and softness, this product from ORIBE is a heat-protectant solution that tames hair and speeds drying time for a perfect blowout. The versatile formula can also be used with curling wands and irons. Because it only takes a small amount to get the job done, there’s less build-up.

Royal Blowout Spray adds body, repairs split ends and makes heat-styling safer. Users report that their blowout styles last for up to three days when using the spray. If you have fine or thin hair, you may find this product to be heavier than some other spray formulas.

Overall, it’s an ideal option for fans of blowout styles.

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray

TRESemme’s multi-use Heat Tamer spray protects your hair from both applied heat and friction. It softens and smooths all types of hair while adding body and flexibility, and it comes in an easy-to-use trigger spray bottle. The formula is cruelty-free, vitamin-enriched and designed specifically for use with professional-grade heat appliances.

Fans of Heat Tamer love its great smell, its affordable price tag and its ability to keep natural hair safe from moderate heat styling efforts. However, users with extremely damaged or sensitive hair generally report better results with serums instead of sprays.

If finding a budget-friendly, animal-friendly and effective product is your goal, this is an excellent choice.

ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector Spray

ArtNaturals’ thermal shield spray keeps natural hair safe from heat damage while improving its condition with smoothing argan oil. With effective heat protection and extracts of rosemary, peach, thyme, sage, and ginseng to nourish hair, it’s ideal for users who blow dry, curl and flat iron their tresses. In addition to providing heat protection, the formula detangles natural hair and defends it against sun damage and the effects of excess humidity.

ArtNaturals products aren’t just effective and based on natural ingredients; they’re also made without parabens and they’re cruelty-free. The spray is ideal for damaged hair, but users with oily hair may find it to be too rich.

If you prefer using natural products, this is your must-have heat protectant.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray

A unisex product that you can share with the whole family, Alterna Bamboo Protectant Spray prevents heat damage and strengthens natural hair with each use. It’s made with organic bamboo extract, glycerin and kendi oil, a relative newcomer to the hair care scene. The product’s unique Kendi Thermal Protect Complex has been clinically proven to reduce hair breakage by 87 percent, so it defends your hair against chemical damage as well as your favorite heat styling tools.

The spray does a great job of protecting against heat damage. It has a pleasant fragrance and leaves natural hair touchable and soft. Although it’s not ideal for extremely oily hair, users with normal and dry hair will love its richness.

Users who are ready to try out the popular new trend of using kendi oil will find this to be a perfect choice.

Heat Up Your Styling Routine

To get the most from your new heat protectant, always read and follow the product instructions.

In most cases, you’ll get the best results when you apply it to wet hair that has just received a deep conditioning treatment; this method allows the protectant to absorb into the hair shaft to provide maximum protection.

You can also protect your hair by reducing your drying time and using the least amount of heat possible to get the desired effects.

With a little help from a great heat protectant, your natural hair can look its best with less risk of permanent damage.

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