6 Best Cruelty Free Eyeliners in 2018 – Reviews & Comparison

I’ve often wondered why animal testing of cosmetic products still occurs. Most of the ingredients used in makeup formulas have been around for years. Do they still need to test these on animals? The truth is, they don’t.

At least 7,000 different ingredients are used in the cosmetic industry, all with documented testing. Companies don’t need to keep testing the same ingredients over and over, and many companies realize this and have moved on to providing cruelty-free products for consumers.

We’ve rounded up some of the best cruelty free eyeliners on the market from companies dedicated to providing hypoallergenic products that use natural ingredients and never test their products on animals.

Top Rated Cruelty Free Eyeliners 2018: Quick Comparison

Product Name Type Rating Number of Reviews
jane iredale Liner Pencil 150+
Elizabeth Mott Eyeliner Liquid, Waterproof 100+
Beauté Wise Dual Liner Dual Tip, Waterproof 50+
Punker Rock Liner Liquid, Waterproof 10+
Duchess by SHANY Liners Liquid, Waterproof 50+
Beau Kiss Liner Liquid, Waterproof 5+
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Things to Consider Before Buying a Cruelty Free Eyeliner

Technological advances give companies alternatives to animal testing, meaning you don’t have to purchase products that don’t meet your standards. Enjoy choosing from a wide range of quality products from companies following conscientious practices.

Eye definition is all about creating drama. While pencil eyeliners create softer hues and contours, brushes or felt-tipped liners will give you precision and control for creating a range of exciting designs perfect for accentuating your eyes.

  • Contemplate Your Coloring – While black is often the go-to choice in eyeliner hues, creating softer tones with colors like espresso or chocolate can add a more natural look or compliment certain skin tones.
  • Transition Your Look – If you need a polished look for the day that can transition well to a more carefree evening look, start by lining your lashes for a clean, professional look. When it’s time to go out for the evening, use a flick of the brush to add wings or a cat’s eye flourish to your eyeliner for evening glamour.
  • Vote With Your Wallet – Governments around the world, such as those in India, the European Union and New Zealand, are banning the use of animals in research. If your own country isn’t part of this movement, supporting cruelty-free products as a private consumer will help to end the practice of testing on animals. Refusing to buy their products is one way to encourage companies to update their practices.
  • Organic Doesn’t Always Mean Cruelty Free – Products proclaiming their organic status don’t automatically mean they are following optimal practices. Ensure your makeup follows these guidelines by carefully reading labels that state they are cruelty free.

Cruelty Free Eyeliners’ Reviews

Jane Iredale Eye Pencil

Using natural minerals as pigments and avoiding testing any products on animals, Jane Iredale presents an eye pencil poised to provide round-the-clock performance in a range of shades. Accent your eye color and skin tone with deep blacks, chocolaty browns and neutral taupes.

This generously sized pencil can be sharpened to a fine point for precise lines. Customers will need to use the proprietary sharpener in order to maintain the pencil point. For day-long performance that keeps eyes looking their best, choose this pencil sure to be gentle on even the most delicate skin.

Elizabeth Mott You’re So Fine Liquid Eyeliner

Enjoy the ease of this glossy eyeliner that dries to a quick finish with sharp, defined designs. An excellent product for beginning eyeliner artists, the lustrous brush glides on both lids and under-eyes, leaving crisply pigmented lines wherever you need them.

Dedicated to producing fine products without testing on animals, the Elizabeth Mott company is proud its products qualify for PETA approval.

This is truly the best cruelty free liquid, waterproof eyeliner will require makeup remover in order to fully wash it away. Enjoy consistently beautiful results from this superlative makeup.

Beauté Wise Dual Eyeliner Pen

One-stroke perfection is the hallmark of this inexpensive eyeliner. True to its color and applied with ease, you can count on your design staying in place throughout the day. Beauté Wise ensures the quality of its product while never testing on animals.

Use the thicker end of this dual-pointed pen for bold lines or define the tip of a cat’s eye design with the fine point. Customers will want to make sure the product dries completely to ensure it attains its ability to repel water. Pump up the eye drama while supporting a company dedicated to ending animal testing.

Punker Rock On Waterproof Liquid Liner

Not only cruelty free, but also made with all-vegan ingredients, this deep black eyeliner uses pure carbon for superior pigment coverage. Punker Rock’s tip tapers to a point for ease of drawing any width of line.

Formulated to maintain a consistent line without smudging or smearing, Punker Rock allows you to draw precise thick or thin contours, cat eyes, winged designs or any other style you can imagine. The felt tip may be stiffer and lack the versatility brush users have come to expect. Rock out in true style with this winning formula.

Duchess by Shany Three-Piece Liquid Eyeliners

Felt-tipped accuracy and a formula that resists smudging are highlights of this sleek eyeliner set. Three widths give you a range of looks, from fine, precise lines to wide open flair. Shany doesn’t test any of their products on animals and is an active member of PETA.

The deeply pigmented eyeliner formula lasts without flaking or smudging. While the Shany set includes three eye-lining pens, these pens only come in black, which might be a disappointment for those looking for eyeliner sets containing a range of colors. Set your creative side free with this rich and versatile eye defining collection packaged in a luxurious, velvet-lined box.

Beau Kiss Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Beau Kiss’s innovative eyeliner design includes a brush that tapers to a precision point and easily fills with eyeliner fluid by turning the base. The formula is waterproof and long-lasting, tested by ophthalmologists to ensure even those with sensitive eyes or contact lenses will rock this formula all night long.

The company’s commitment to ending animal cruelty includes supporting foundations dedicated to alternative methods of testing. The eyeliner’s cost comes in a bit higher than other brands, but the long-lasting quality of the product helps to justify the price. Able to move from a casual daytime look to midnight glamour, this brand delivers smudge-free performance as long as you need it.

Beauty Doesn’t Have To Be Cruel

You can stand out from the crowd with more than just your sense of style. Using these cruelty free products lets you lead the way not only in fashion, but in responsible consumerism. You don’t have to sacrifice style or quality to stand by your commitment to making the world a better place.

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