10 Best Yoga DVDs for a Healthier You – Top Programs for Everyone in 2018

Could your well-being use a natural, healthy boost? A yoga DVD may be the key. Yoga is an ancient discipline that originated in India. The time-tested mind-body practice uses controlled breathing, meditation and specific postures and movements to enhance both mental and physical well-being.

During a typical yoga session, you’ll learn to meditate and be more aware of the present moment, and you’ll be taught breathing techniques that quiet your mind and body. You’ll also perform a series of movements designed to increase your strength and flexibility. Because yoga includes many variations and intensity levels, almost anyone can participate in some form.

Potential benefits of yoga include lowered blood pressure and heart rate, reduction of stress and anxiety, improved sleep quality, improved balance, range of motion and muscle strength and better management of chronic health conditions and pain.

Top Rated Yoga DVDs: Quick Comparison

Product Name Suitable For Instructor Rating Number of Reviews
Yoga For Beginners Beginners Barbara Benagh 1000+
Prenatal Yoga Pregnant Women Shiva Rea 900+
Biggest Loser Beginners Bob Harper 950+
Gentle Yoga Seniors Jane Adams 500+
Rodney Yee's Yoga Men Rodney Yee 500+
The Athlete's Guide Athletes Sage Rountree 40+
Kids World Yoga Kids Bridget Van Block 80+
Yoga For Inflexible People Flexibility Judi Rice 200+
Strong Vinyasa Flow Vinyasa Jenni Rawlings 100+
Ashtanga Yoga Ashtanga David Swenson 80+
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Reviews of Top 10 Yoga DVDs in 2018

A yoga DVD offers a convenient way to learn and practice this valuable discipline in the comfort of your home. However, yoga DVDs are not one-size-fits-all. Specific programs are available for different people and different purposes. Here are our top yoga DVD recommendations for everyone in your household.

Best Yoga DVD for Beginners: Bodywisdom Yoga for Beginners

Filmed at the beautiful beach on Half-Moon Bay, Antigua, and released in 2006, Bodywisdom Yoga for Beginners is a top-selling yoga DVD for beginners. It features multiple programs led by renowned instructor Barbara Benagh. The eight sessions range in length from 10 to 60 minutes, and each has a specific focus such as rejuvenation, strength, energizing or quieting.

Most beginners find that the DVD covers all of the basics well, and it can be used even as you progress to intermediate skill levels. Some users find the progress from one move to the next to be excessively slow. The speed may be a benefit for those with limited balance or no yoga experience.

Best Prenatal Yoga DVD: Shiva Rea’s Prenatal Yoga

With sessions led by experienced yoga instructor Shiva Rea, this pregnancy yoga DVD focuses on poses and practices for women during each trimester. The poses can be modified as needed for comfort and safety. Routines include stretches and poses to improve overall comfort, reduce fatigue, relieve back and leg pain, improve circulation and make labor easier.

Meditation, deep breathing, guided relaxation, floor work and both seated and standing poses are included in the program. The DVD instruction section is excellent and includes animated anatomical graphics. However, some women find the verbal instructions given during the poses lacking.

Best Yoga DVD for Weight Loss: Biggest Loser by Bob Harper

The impressive weight loss attained by participants on the popular NBC show spawned this DVD program led by instructor Bob Harper. It contains three separate workouts designed to shed pounds and improve overall fitness and metabolism. The third in the series is a gym-like workout that can be done with or without hand weights.

For those who are new to yoga, this program may be a bit demanding, especially for the out-of-shape and overweight. However, it’s designed to produce a transformation. Critics of the program often complain that there is not enough focus on breathing and mind-body connection to make it true to the yoga discipline, but if you seek weight loss, it can deliver.

Best Yoga DVD for Seniors: Gentle Yoga Seven Practices for Your Day

Jane Adams leads this yoga DVD program, which was developed specifically for people aged 40 to 70. It’s set in beautiful Glacier National Park and includes targeted sequences for different times of the day.

The Morning Practice lasts 18 minutes and helps to awaken and energize the body. Mid-day Relief from Desk and Computer Work relaxes tired muscles. A 30-minute Relaxing Evening Practice helps you sleep better.

The DVD also includes practices for improving balance, building core strength and flexibility and a full-body practice to be done while lying on your back. Seniors using the program praise its clear instructions and demonstrations. Those who have practiced yoga before may find it to be too easy.

Best Yoga DVD for Men: Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners

Men who are new to yoga can benefit from Iyengar yoga instructor Rodney Yee’s expertise. The DVD program includes full-length yoga workouts for morning and evening. It also features intensive pose training sessions and tips to help you avoid common form and technique mistakes.

Yee’s program promises improved posture, flexibility and core strength, and those who use it say that it fulfills its claims. One drawback is the speed at which poses are changed; some experienced practitioners believe it’s too fast. Once you are familiar with the poses and routines, you can opt to disable full audio instruction and enjoy the background sounds of Molokai, Hawaii.

Best Yoga DVD for Runners: The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga

A great resource for people who want to enhance their athletic performance with the proven discipline of yoga, the Athlete’s Guide to Yoga helps any type of athlete improve balance, flexibility, strength and form. While typical yoga DVDs teach poses and focus on the general benefits of yoga, this one actually explains how you can incorporate yoga disciplines into your training.

It even offers pose adjustments to help you overcome tightness specific to your sport of choice. The DVD is a favorite with endurance athletes, cyclists, triathletes and gymnasts. It’s not ideal for beginners; some pose transitions may not be safe for those with less flexibility.

Best Yoga DVD for Kids: Kids World Yoga

Kids World Yoga is a comprehensive DVD that includes beginner, intermediate and advanced programs and more than 100 poses. Developed for boys and girls between ages six and 14, the programs are led by 10 child-yogis in a beautiful Arizona setting. Narrator Bridget Van Block provides clear instruction for poses as well as breathing and relaxation practices.

Parents say the pace is brisk and keeps their kids’ attention, and the video is fun for the entire family. However, some children may find the fast pace discouraging, especially if they are unfamiliar with yoga.

Best Yoga DVD for Flexibility: Yoga for Inflexible People

Some people shy away from yoga because they feel that they are to inflexible to achieve the poses safely. This DVD addresses their common concerns and offers multiple ways for them to achieve traditional yoga poses. Compassionate and intelligently designed, the program uses modifications and props to help make the benefits of yoga accessible to those who might otherwise avoid trying it.

It includes more than 35 workouts that add up to four full hours of instruction. Although most instructions are clear, some may be confusing. Choose a general workout, or focus on specific areas of the body. You’ll need a yoga mat and a few props from around the house to get the full benefit.

Best Yoga DVD for Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Strong Vinyasa Flow Yoga by Jenni Rawlings

Led by certified core strength Vinyasa yoga instructor Jenni Rawlings, this challenging program features five separate routines designed to increase strength and stamina while calming the mind.

Instructions are clear and calm, and the background settings are impressive, but be prepared for a serious workout.

Vinyasa Flow yoga is fast-paced and fitness-focused, and it requires substantial flexibility. The programs included on this DVD are designed for intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners with some experience in Vinyasa flow techniques. Inexperienced users will probably find the DVD to be too advanced or difficult to follow.

Best Yoga DVD for Astanga Yoga: Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson

David Swenson offers a clear and intelligent introduction to the basic principles and goals of Ashtanga yoga in the 30-minute introduction included on this DVD. The practice that follows adheres to the traditional flowing rhythm of the discipline. After it’s over, the session is ended by a guided deep relaxation segment.

While a background in Astanga yoga isn’t needed to participate in this program, some basic yoga experience is helpful. Beginners may find it difficult to follow the moves smoothly. Video quality is not impressive, but it doesn’t interfere with your session.

Conclusion: Take It Slow, and Don’t Give Up

If you’ve never practiced yoga before, it may take more than one try to find the DVD program that works best for you. Don’t be discouraged if your first try seems awkward or difficult. Your body will respond and adapt to the motions and poses at its own rate.

Avoid comparing your progress to that of anyone else. Using a DVD makes it easier to advance at your own rate and get a fuller range of benefits from your efforts.

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